Tuesday, December 28, 2010

good girl gone bad circa 2010

So my sis & I were relaxing during break and Grease came on! One of my all-time fave musicals, as corny as it is. But there is no equivalent to Olivia Newton John's outfit at the end of the movie....a prime example of how fashion & style can change one's confidence level. (for the best!)

Olivia Newton John

     Balmain          Rick Owens  
             Balmain                           Rick Owens
  Diane von Furstenberg          Gucci 
                          Diane von Furstenberg               Gucci

     Alexander Wang         
Alexander Wang              Alexander McQueen

    Camilla Skovgaard 
                        Christian Louboutin           Camilla Skovgaard

Obviously wearing this $10,000 Balmain jacket is out of the question for me, but these pieces worn seperate or even all together would make even the goodiest two-shoe girl rocker chic.

I know the rock and roll, super studded, bad girl trend is over with (so 2009). But it's one of those styles that will remain no matter what fashion editors say. Case in point, Kate Lanphear:

And so I end wishing that I could make the badass look as effortless and chic as Ms. Lanphear does.

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