Tuesday, March 1, 2011

its march!

-So... I'm sitting here listening to the Inception soundtrack lamenting the fact that I have had no time to do any post on the fashion weeks at all. Between classes and work and redoing my blog design, I've barely had any time to even look at the shows. I promise I will post about my favorite (and least favorite) shows. But so far, I was impressed with New York; not so impressed with London; some shows at Milan blew my mind (Gucci and Pucci) and I CANT wait for Paris! Trends thus far seem to be color (sticking around from spring), new and funky textiles ( Marc Jacobs & Christopher Kane), menswear (YES!), and FUR (and despite how you feel about it; you have to admit some of those coats are gorgeous).

-Oh, and the Oscars happened. I was a little underwhelmed by the dresses until Anne Hathaway came on stage in this: 
83rd Annual Academy Awards - Show
I did an entire post about this collection. I practically screamed at the TV when I saw her in this. (Bravo Rachel!). 

-And John Galliano has been in the news. I have to say everything seems a bit planned and Dior's reaction seemed extremely quick, but I can not believe what came out of his mouth. It still amazes me how humans who can create such beautiful things can have such terrible thoughts. We're all human I suppose. (That is NOT an excuse for his remarks at all.)

-And now I must start working on my finance homework. Go check out garance's blog. She has the most fabulous pictures up of Salvatore Ferragomo's collection. Night!

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