Tuesday, May 31, 2011

day 1 internship

so my first day @ my new internship was a great success! i was on my feet all day, super busy, and the day flew! started out in brooklyn at the manufacturing part of the business. never been to brooklyn...the part i was in was a little ghetto. got there @ 845, beat my boss! met a few of the ladies who sew the patterns before he got there. once my boss got there (his name is jared and hes an incredible businessman) i started cutting out samples and labeling them to go into a binder for his future clients to look at. i did this from 9-12. then we headed to "the city" as everyone from brooklyn calls it. once we arrived i went and grabbed some lunch (tuna melt panini & diet coke) and went back to work. didn't really eat; started hunting for samples and pulling the samples for a upcoming meeting. then i reoganized the showroom. the clothes went in categories such as solids, stripes, and patterns (each organized fall/spring). i had to keep track of sample numbers and tag each of the samples i pulled. finished up by making a phone call to brooklyn to get more numbers. all in all a VERY successful day. Jared said it was good and I had just "gotten my feet wet" so we'll see what the next days bring. he said his goal is to keep me busy the whole time, which i'm fine with because i hate having nothing to do. now i'm sitting in my room (got an air conditioner!) resting my feet, before i go back out into the city and find a cool bar to watch the NBA Playoffs at. GO MAVS! 

i miss all my friends and family SO much. thanks for all of your support, prayers, and love!

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