Thursday, June 9, 2011


today the office was dead. there was nobody working except for the dad who owns the business. the son (my boss) was off in san francisco trying to get some orders. i came in for the morning, because we were supposed to have a 10:00 meeting. well the buyer was a no-show, and the boss said he was heading back to Brooklyn & i could have the day off. (yes this really happened!) so i grabbed lunch at this really good healthy food place and headed to the MOMA (modern museum of art). this may be my favorite museum...i'm sure i'll say that about every one i visit, but i really do love modern art. here are some exhibitions that caught my eye.
I saw this one last time...I really like it

This is a hay bale. In New York. It's
actually got a golden string around it & a
 needle hidden inside.
Truman Capote  by Irving Penn.

A stack of candy wrappers in
the corner.
Roy Lichtenstein

Marilyn by Warhol
Monroe collage



Monet...this literally takes
up the whole wall. Love it!

South American art. (Took up a whole wall!)

A chandelier from a hotel in Paris deconstructed.

Polluck. Number 31. My all-time favorite piece of art.

So I have some pictures of the actual museum as well...but I will probably try & post them tomorrow night. I sat in the garden area of the MOMA and had some sorbet (in 97 degree weather). My mom texted me today and was like "your heat index is 103." thanks, i really wanted to know that. lol just kidding mom! but seriously it felt like the desert out. after the MOMA i walked around 5th for a while, got some macarons, and a iced green tea lemonade from Starbucks (which is my new fave drink for the summer.) i almost went to the Yves Saint Laurent movie again because today is its last day here, but decided to be cheap and ended up coming home & reading. tomorrow is going to be a really busy day (looking forward to it) but tonights pry gonna be late because of the game. praying the mavs take it. but i'll post more tomorrow. love ya'll!

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