Wednesday, June 22, 2011

amaretto sour

-in lincoln (at college bars) an amaretto sour can be as cheap as $1/drink
-in Sidney, NE at the nicest bar in town an amaretto sour costs $3.50/drink
-in NYC at a bar in Midtown an amaretto sour costs $10/drink; aw the joys of the big city
*all of the glasses are the same size & full of ice.

I'm NOT complaining just making a comparison. anyway, today i helped my boss organize our showroom to get ready for some clients & i finished up a trend board (this one is on foam core board with real pictures; not on photoshop!) had a blast doing it. after work came home and made it right before the gigantic thunderstorm. tonight i grabbed drinks with a girl i know here @ the Webster who informed me that Justin Bieber is going to be @ Macy's tomorrow afternoon; which is a block from where I work which means its going the sidewalks are going to be crowded with obnoxious, screaming teenagers...cant wait (heavy sarcasm). anyway its been a good day but i am exhausted and so soon will be off to bed. good night!

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