Monday, June 13, 2011

cant think of a witty title...

so monday was a lil rough. first of all i slept through my alarm & woke up @ 9-which is the time i usually try to make it to the office. so basically hair went up, dress went on, & i grabbed coffee on the run. i got to the office, only to discover an email from my boss asking me to come to brooklyn. so i took the D train and made it a lil after 10! basically the whole day was spent on my feet doing inventory, which is dull but fine. i don't mind the warehouse at all. heres the view we have.
this is a terrible picture- but we can see the statue of liberty!

lower manhattan in the distance!
i got back home from work around 6, ate dinner & then had an epiphany. i get to attend a very special wedding this weekend...and my feet were killing i went & got a mani/pedi at this place on 35 & 7th. they only use essie nail polish (!) and i got a complimentary five minute back massage while getting a manicure. AND it was only $40(including a generous tip). after that i was walking home & walked by a theater which was hosting the webby awards tonight...pretty cool actually. but i ended up coming home and watching driving miss daisy which really is an incredible movie. kudos to hans zimmer for the soundtrack. and now i'm listening to norah jones just blogging about my day. it just hit me again that i am living in new york city- which is seriously the biggest dream of my life. i am so grateful, blessed, and still in disbelief. but i am coming home thursday night for miss krystal brogren's(soon to be schumacer!) wedding and i am getting SO EXCITED! love ya'll!

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