Tuesday, June 21, 2011

cuz i'm leaving on a jet plane

airplanes are wonderful things. i love flying. the first time i flew i was 18 years old; it was an all-nighter & i stayed awake the entire time because i was so excited. theres something about looking up in the sky and seeing a plane and realizing that people are traveling, going somewhere exciting, and seeing something intriguing. i love the exhilaration of taking off. i would quote a line from the movie french kiss, but i'm sure some of you would frown, so i will refrain. but there is a feeling even better than taking off. it's the feeling once you get through the clouds; up above the world. the feeling that you have left everything & everyone behind and for a few hours you are carefree. usually happens sometime around this moment:

but there are other moments i experience while flying. i realize how amazing the men are with the brains to conceive of flight; with the ability to create these amazing machines. and then there are the moments like this when i am just in awe of God and love how amazing our world is:
once again i am so blessed and i have to thank all of my family and friends for all their support & prayers. love you all!

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