Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 3!

third day was great (but long). this is what i wore. its a new h&m shirt with green cargo pants. these pictures really suck but honestly i don't have a lot of time in the morning...i wore it with a blue sports bra for a pop of color & gray strappy heels.

 so i got to office and immediately set to work finishing up a trend report for my boss. after that he asked me to work on an excel document matching CAD drawings up with style numbers. then i was asked to make a powerpoint with pictures of clothing and matching style numbers for an upcoming meeting. then i organized a part of the showroom and went and grabbed lunch. around this time another partner of the business arrived back from China. she'd been gone for about 2 weeks and had all the trend reports. now, my company makes clothes for lower end stores so basically what the trends are now(neon, denim, lace) thats what they will be making for next spring. so we had a lot of fun looking at everything she brought back and then i was asked to take pictures of everything and email it to another girl in the company. i then finished up the powerpoint for my  boss and started working on trend boards!!!!! (i LOVE trend boards btw).

sometimes i think this is a shallow career choice, but hey everybody needs clothes right? tonight i'm going to a bar called the Ainsworth (suggested to me by my boss) to watch the NBA playoffs game. GO MAVS!!!! hopefully i'll score some great pics of NYC for ya'll. 

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