Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 4...

so last night i ended up going to an irish pub down by the fashion institute to watch the NBA game. OMG what a game i can not believe the mavericks pulled that comeback off. had a great time downtown. started off friday by locking myself out of my room...i totally grabbed my mail key and not my room key when i left for the bathroom early this morning. our doors lock automatically so i had to waste a few minutes while i waited for my door to be unlocked. went to work and i was the first one there! (my boss was in brooklyn until 10). i literally worked on putting together trendboards on photoshop ALL DAY from 9-4. on fridays everyone leaves early so i took off and went up to the roof when i got home to read  :) omg it is such a beautiful day today. LOVE IT! 75 and breezy with no humidity! aw june! anyway trying to decide what i want to do tonight...might to see an Yves Saint Laurent documentary at the Paris theater! i'll let you know tomorrow :)

p.s. please pray for me. i've been exhausted and been trying to get accustomed to being on my own with no friends or family. still loving it though! thanks for all your support!

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