Saturday, June 4, 2011

night in paris

so last night i ended up going to the Paris Theatre in NYC. its right by the plaza hotel! they were showing the new documentary about Yves Saint Laurent. (i brought macarons as my treat). the movies shown at this theatre are in french with english was an absolutely amazing night. the movie was amazing, but heartwrenching to see how sad Yves Saint Laurent's life was. his business and life partner Pierre Berge said there were only two times a year Yves was happy; after his shows. and that happiness only lasted a few hours. i can't imagine living such a tortured, depressed life. Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most honored designers. he was the one who invented the tuxedo for women (and allowed women to finally wear pants). he broke the race barrier on the runway as he was one of the first designers to use african american models. the fashion world, the world for that matter, all owe that man so much, but i can't help thinking his life would have been so much better without fashion.

after that i walked home on 5th avenue. omg the Bergdorf Goodman display windows are amazing. each window depicts a scene of a phobia (with mannequins dressed in exquisite fashions). i'm going to be a tourist and go back and take pictures! i stopped by a bar around the corner from where i live. its a little two story bar with the top part totally open. i had a margarita and watched some baseball. heres the view:
you could see madison square garden right behind the building. anyway had a great night!

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