Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NYC Day 2

this morning i only had to go the manhattan location so i got to sleep in an extra hour (didn't have the commute to Brooklyn). ate breakfast, took FOREVER figuring out what to wear...I really have no clothes & no money to buy clothes and there lies the dilemma... and headed to the office. this is what i wore btw:
(i've never actually worn these high waisted shorts...little too trendy for NE :)
i spent almost all day cutting out swatches from fabric samples and arranging them on paper and then putting them into binders. by the time i was done today i think i had made about 5 huge binders full of fabric swatches. I had brought my laptop and they gave me a desk today(!!!!!) heres my view:
it feels like i've been here forever...i just love this city. i get excited over the littlest things, like knowing the numbers to punch on the keypad to get into our office. there are some things about new york you just have to get used to like walking a lot, getting dirty feet, tourists stopping directly in front of you, not being able to buy everything your heart desires in Zara. but there are other things that give new york city its character like the people, the lines, putting straws in everything, the lights, the food, the shopping...i could go on and on. 

after i finished the swatch samples i started researching product reviews for our company. basically they have manufactured maternity wear for years, but just  recently (in the past six months) have begun branching out into womens, plus, and juniors! (companies that are growing are the most exciting!) so i was on the internet looking at reviews of products helping my boss prep for an upcoming sales meeting next week. after work i headed home to eat dinner (it was meditteranean...really good!) and then went out into the city again to do some shopping. hit up 2 different h&m's, a forever 21, Zara, and just walked around for awhile. but i figured i should come back and blog a little about my day so there ya go! heres a picture to end with. this is the view i see at night when i leave my building:

I LOVE NYC! big shout out to everyone who's supported/prayed for me... you have no idea how much it means to me. love ya'll!

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