Saturday, June 11, 2011

the quirkier side of NYC

here are some random things that are now part of my everyday lifestyle:

1. the bathroom sucks in my building. (the toilets are old and quite frankly they are just awful).
2. BEWARE OF PIGEONS. (seriously the most disgusting creatures ever).
3. walk fast or get trampled.
4. IF you are a tourist you wait until the walking light changes; if you are a new yorker you watch the stoplight; as soon as you see yellow you start moving. also if you are a new yorker you wait on the street, not on the sidewalk.
5. higher street numbers mean your going north. bigger avenues mean your going west. getting out of the subway= being totally turned around.
6. straws go in everything.
7. the bathroom hunt is on. public bathrooms are not the cleanest & you can only use them if you eat at the restaurant.
8. if you wear sandals and walk anywhere in this city, your feet will get dirty.
9. if you need ANYTHING most likely you can find it within a few blocks.
10. DONT swipe your subway pass too fast and DONT make eye contact on the subway; its just common courtesy.
11. women here are smart. no one wears a lot of makeup, and no one's hair is perfect (except Anna Wintour's). they wear comfortable but totally chic shoes.
12. you will always get caught off guard in a rain shower with no umbrella.
13. everyone who lives in jersey, brooklyn, queens, or the bronx always refers to manhattan as "the city." cool huh?
14. taxis with no lights on mean they are occupied. taxis with the number illuminated means looking for passenger. taxi with off duty light on means....well off duty you get the picture.

and thats all i got for now. hope everyone has a great night!

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