Saturday, June 4, 2011


omg today was crazy. i walked ALL OVER. but it was totally worth it. i'm actually sitting here with my feet up, eating new york cheesecake from a local deli, and drinking a diet coke. i may just be incredibly boring and stay home tonight- i'm still trying to get used to eastern time. anyway so what i did today.

started out sleeping in till about 10- and missed the breakfast served in the building. so i got a smoothie and sipped it in herald square.
then i caught the subway and headed down to the financial district to shop at the best discount store in the city: CENTURY 21!!! i'm still looking for a black dress to wear to krystal's wedding...and i found one today! it was $2000 and by Lanvin. obviously i didn't get it. took some pictures for you guys of the world trade center site. they are doing work! i'm going to go back on the far west seaport side sometime so i can get better views.

oh check out what i saw on the street:

GO CABELAS! after the financial  district i headed up to the Soho/ Tribeca area. i walked literally all over. i'm gonna make a map and show all where i went. basically i went shopping all day which was lots of fun. hit all the main stores on broadway (including topshop!) and some smaller ones on the off streets. its amazing how much quieter it gets just going one street off broadway. i like it. omg and one thing i do hate about new york is the pigeons yuck! heres a few pictures of soho:
cupcake truck...yea you read that right

deli where i ate lunch (turkey, apple, and brie cheese panini)

oh!! i saw the rice to riches restaurant that is featured in the movie Hitch. that was pretty exciting! i walked all the way up Bleeker street because for some reason I wanted to go to Marc Jacobs new bookstore and it was super cool. i got a cool neon tote for $9! it was actually pretty chilly in NYC today, but gorgeous. there are sooo many amazing places to eat in Greenwich village and by the time i was headed to the subway i was up in Chelsea aka the meatpacking district which has really good food. but i was responsible and went back home to eat for free. heres the map of everywhere i went today. green represents where i walked. purple is the subway i took. now ya'll know why i'm so tired.
anyway, had a great day sorry for the long post. now i think i might go watch some archer episodes! luv ya'll!

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