Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I apologize for my lack of posting. idk what my excuse was monday, but last night i was just exhausted, tired, and a lil cranky. the mavericks won though, so that improved my mood! today was so hectic (i loved it!) my boss is flying to san francisco now to do a sales presentation to a buyer for so all we did today was pull samples, tag samples, photograph samples, and pack samples. so busy, but i really enjoyed it. it is really really hot in new york, but thankfully not too humid. i'm back at home now trying to decide what to do tonight. im definitely going to go find some gelato; might go shopping; might go walk around the park. the second section of the high line opened today! for those of you who don't know its an old railroad that was converted to a park. check it out HERE. so the part of manhattan i live in is called midtown west. and unfortunately it is fulled with tourists (being only a few blocks from times square, the fashion district, etc.)  so i really want to get out and hang around the rest of the city but i always am so tired at night...we'll see though. i'm still having a fabulous time & time is flying! heres a picture i snapped last night:
empire state building was green last night! but alright i'm gonna repaint my nails, and go in a search for some gelato (and maybe a cocktail or movie or something). love ya'll!

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