Monday, June 27, 2011

the weekend!

i'm so sorry i haven't been posting as much. i've just been exhausted. ok so heres the roundup of my weekend.

FRIDAY: (I worked in Brooklyn w/my bosses assistant all day). That night I met a friend in Brooklyn and we  went to a tapas bar (spanish appetizers look em up they're really good!) and then went to Williamsburg Music Hall and saw the band Pomplamoose play. their name is french for grapefruit. it's really cool how they are getting famous; they just started messing around together on youtue &  now they're touring! the show was really really good (better than i thought it was gonna be!)

SATURDAY: i slept in :) then i went to chelsea to check out this art gallery with an exhibit of kate moss (only here until june 30) but they decided to open later that day so i haven't got to see it yet. then i went & checked out the high line...finally! but my internet is going SUPER slow, so i may have to upload pictures tomorrow. saturday night my friend Michelle & I went out to the restaurant/lounge called Tao! literally like one of those places you see in the movies. it was amazing...we were dressed up, drinking cocktails...just so much fun.

SUNDAY: i was exhausted. i pretty much just kicked back and watched true blood episodes all day. tami kelley i don't know if you read this, but i'm finally getting into them :) i also got chipotle because i was craving it & i know its terrible to live in new york & eat at a mainstream place but i did it. so sue me.

MONDAY: yes technically not the weekend, but i figured i'd just squeeze it in. mondays are mondays. i was in brooklyn today composing a list of maternity boutiques all across the U.S. for  my boss today. i've kinda had a headache tonight so i'll pry go to bed soon. but i just got back from a starbucks run (large iced green tea, unsweetened) and i had a thought. the city streets can tear you down and demolish you (like @ 34th st during rush hour); or they can make you feel so alive, so independent, and the most confident you've ever felt in your life. thats why i love new york. and i hope i never lose that feeling.

SHOUT OUT to my grandma! she sent me a package stuffed with goodies today. made my monday so much better! thanks grandma, love ya!

goodnight all!

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