Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

heres a roundup of my weekend so far:

FRIDAY: got off work early @ 3! then later that night my friend Michelle and I met up w/ a girl she interns with and some of her friends down by the NYU campus. we hit up some "cheap" college bars for the night. they weren't quite as cheap as NE bars, but it did kinda feel like home.

SATURDAY: didn't really do much during the day. just lounged around, which was really nice (my allergies have been killing me but thank god for claritin-d!). went and saw bad teacher later that night. it was actually funny and pretty good. i want to look like cameron diaz when i'm 38 sheesh.

SUNDAY: i got up early to watch the wimbledon final. Novak Djokovich won! i was actually shocked at how easily he beat nadal; he played almost flawlessly. i've been a novak supporter for years so i am thrilled at how good he's become & that he finally won wimbledon! michelle suggested we go see a broadway play so sunday night we went & saw catch me if you can! (the main actor won the tony for best actor!) (before the play we got thai food, my first time & i loved it). the restaurant was called room service, down in chelsea. anyway, the show was AMAZING. i forgot just how spectacular broadway shows are; they are literally like musicals on steroids. i've seen stuff in omaha, denver and NOTHING compares to the shows on Broadway. the show is set in the 60's so the sets were amazing; the costumes & choreography were so much fun. i kept getting goose bumps from the singers, they were that good! oh, and the band! they played swing/jazz music which is one of my all-time-favorites; absolutely amazing! i found my future husband...he's pry late 40's and balding, but boy can he play the saxophone! 

this weekend has been pretty great, but i'm looking forward to the fireworks tonight. Macy's always does a HUGE show...and they've moved to the west side of the island...which means hopefully (fingers crossed) we can watch from our roof! i'll try and take lots of pics!

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