Saturday, July 16, 2011

harry potter part 2

yes I gave in. one of my friends here is a huge harry potter fan & she wanted to go. EVERY single midnight showing thursday night was sold out in this city. ever single one. a lot of the friday shows were sold out (some started as early as 10 am), but we found a show at 10pm on the upper east side (64st & 2nd avenue). before the show we walked around the area & saw Serendipity (i'll be going next week!) and dylan's candy bar. we made a trip through the extensive candy store to pick out treats for the movie. topped off the night by having a glass of malbec @ brassiere 360 & then made our way to the theater. the movie beat my expectations. it was kinda wierd, i must admit to have it all end. harry potter has been around all through my childhood; its strange to think the epic story is finally over with.

friday at work was pretty slow; helped make up some documents with images & pricing options and made up some sheets that showed other designer collections for the designer to look at; ran some errands, and that was about it. thursday i made some deliveries all through the city & printed off cd covers/cd labels for a brand the company has; they are planning to put the line on the cd's for their sales reps.

i can't believe its the weekend already. summer is almost over- which means i'm going to be leaving the city soon, which is the most depressing thought EVER. i'm not sure what i'll be doing today, but it will most likely involve relaxing. i'm sorry i haven't been taking very many pictures- i'll try and get some to post on here soon.

i hope everyone has a great weekend!

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