Saturday, July 16, 2011

how bizarre

so yes, i'm aware this may be old news to some, but apparently there is a two-headed snake living in a Ukraine zoo.
i have grown up on science fiction/fantasy books. when things like this occur  in real life it always makes me stop & consider my brain's inability to comprehend. there are things which i will never be able to fully understand (black holes, the engineering behind a space shuttle, creation, how coltrane was as good as he was, etc.) the universe we live in is such an incredible place full of mystery. whoever could have imagined that communicators in star trek could now be possible in everyday life as cell phones? whoever could have imagined the city of new york could be built on an island? how many stars are in the universe? it's when i see pictures such as the one above that i realize (again) that the world is such a mysterious place that i (and humans) really know nothing about. sometimes i have a hard time comprehending the fact that god created the world as we know it...because i can't wrap my head around it, theres no proof, blah blah blah. but then, i never would have thought a two-headed snake could exist either; and here it is. its the little things, like this snake, i use to strengthen my faith and wonder in the world.

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