Thursday, July 7, 2011

oh the work week

i can't believe tomorrow is friday. to tell you the truth i haven't even given a thought as to what i want to do this weekend; it kinda jumped up on me. tuesday i was in the city, didn't have much to do. communicated with my boss via email because he was in brooklyn. wednesday i was in brooklyn (helping organize and take pictures of styles) and he was in the city. today i helped a lady i work with who is helping design the label Debbi O. i cut 2x2 swatches ALL DAY. my back hurts, my feet hurt, my hand is cramping....not complaining just observing. we will see what tomorrow brings. i can't believe its july already. 

i went to the new transformers movie tonight. it was ok. shia labeouf can act. rosie did pretty good as well. tyrese gibson was hot. the cars were AMAZING. all in all better than the second one, still not as good as the first. 

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY TO TESSA (my amazing little sis). her bday was on the 5th, but i figured id post it anyway!

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