Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tuesday night

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandad! (it was yesterday- i hope it was great!)
-my phone has been having issues; few weeks ago it crashed so i may not have your number. if you'd be so kind to text it to me that would be great (if i've talked to you lately its all good)
- my mom & lil sis are coming to new york city in a few weekends to visit! can't wait!

saturday i spent ALL DAY in the met. i was planning on going shopping & last minute just got an urge to be surrounded by history. i love the greek & egyptian exhibits. then later that night a friend i've met here @ the Webster and i went to a jazz club called the blue note (supposedly one of the best clubs in the city). we heard a ms. carmen lundy (and band) play. she was AMAZING! spectacular voice & her band was amazing as well. going to a jazz club has been on my to-do list so it was awesome to go!

ok so yesterday I was in brooklyn (why my allergies are flaring up). i was helping my boss & his assistant get everything organized & i also was observing how they use style sheets & p.o.'s (purchase orders). oh man, organization is key. i have learned in the fashion industry, because there are SO many channels to go through, it can be extremely frustrating when one person isn't on their a-game. monday night i went to bryant park & saw gentlemen prefer blondes. the movie was slow, but the experience was well worth it. its one of those things you can ONLY do in new york & it was pretty cool i must say. even cooler was that they showed a looney tune clip before the actual movie! for all those who know me; you know i adore looney tunes!

today i was in the city doing lots of random things.i got there @ 830 to help set up for a meeting & ended up talking to one of the owners about history/war history. it was fascinating. i'm helping the designer for the brand debbi o. put together books with fabric swatches for upcoming buyers. i helped my boss get garments & swatches together to send; i helped assemble documents, etc. it was a pretty good tuesday. tonight i'm just taking it easy- catching up on the new episodes of the closer & true blood. talk about two totally different shows.

i hope everyone has a great night and an even better wednesday!

Marilyn Monroe doing her thing in bryant park

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