Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Lately I feel like I could pull all of my hair because of my stress and frustration levels. Thankfully, I just read New York Style, an article written by Maggie Bullock for the latest issue of Elle. And now I feel truly inspired. I want to go to NYC, shop at Barneys, wear Louboutin mixed with Marant or Wang and eat at The Modern. sigh, perhaps one day.

I am at a point in my life where everything is unraveling. I am getting ready to graduate in May with no idea what the future may bring. This semester has been the happiest of my life, thanks to the many amazing people in my life (you know who you are). I've learned how to cook, made mimosas, got addicted to anime, and tried new things; which has led me to learning a million new things about myself. And it's all starting to end. While I still dream of being the New York girl who waltzes around Central Park in Jimmy Choo's eating macarons or strutting my stuff down 5th wearing YSL or catching a taxi in Dior, I have realized I don't need these things to be happy. (But I still want them).

The future is terrifying; the unknown just as terrifying. What do you do when someone enters your life you weren't expecting? What do you do when you don't land you dream internship? What do you do when you can begin to count the days left of college on two hands? Everyone says it will all work out & it was just time for me to take a breath and realize that. I just need to remember that my life will snap back into place & hopefully I'll still have hair by the time that happens.

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